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Beverage list 

Charred Kitchen and Bar is in a very fortunate position.

Paying the utmost respect to those legends that blazed a trail, establishing a truly astonishing inland food and wine region. We support those heroes of the region today still helping it evolve, improve and encapsulate a clear identity that helps it standout on a national stage.

We hope, as our restaurant progresses forward that we will be able to honour all our amazing producers whilst still showcasing the world of wine, beer and spirits.

David Collins, Sommelier & Restaurant Manager

"David Collins' drinks list, is not a wine list, but a love letter to beverages.

A regional list that features the best of the region and so much more, perhaps

the only challenge is where to start.

Don't miss the collection of beer and whiskey - they're benchmarks."

- Wine list of The Year 

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